Serpent Siren

I’ve been soul-searching to see that you’re still there/ empty you left my Soul bare
I watched the sun slip through the sky with you/
Watched the early-morning moon die for you
Cried for you

Lies/ serpents tongue / secrets. Just in it for fun
Kissed the lips the lies poured from.
Second best, now just numb.
The game you played you thought you won.

Endless your love SEEMED to be.
But nows the time, my mind is free
Dead is the touch/ you gave to me
Not a fucking victim to your tyranny



I wished for you
To bleed your ink with me
To let your hands flow
Cursive over my curves
Pretty slow
Keep your eyes on me
I’ll watch as your pupils grow
Wrap your fingers in my hair
I promise I’ll give you what’s fair
Unleash your lips on me
Little kisses of death
You can have everything of me. Everything that’s left
Slow heat. Brace yourself
Paint me in deep watercolors of your sweat
Place your palm on my throat
And hold the voice which will only echo your name
Absorb my breath that falls so gently behind your ear
Nails, I’ll scribble down your back
Time ticks in our exile.  Escape with me
Then a moan. Keeping to the beat of You Ain’t Alone.

3 Rounds

I want to watch it flutter/ your heart as its lifted to the ceiling by a thousand wings
Compose flames with your fire/desire
My nails scribble love notes on your chest as you kiss me behind my right ear
We hear/ ambient sound from the air you so sweetly steal from my lungs
Heat/ it lingers. from your fingers that brushed against my skin.
Parallel, grip firmly and squeeze.
Anticipation from the ace up your sleeves
Hold on tight. Harder and deep, breathe.
Falling at the speed of light with you in between.

Endless endeavors of exploration.

For those who explore the darkest part of your body and the deepest parts of your heart.
The someone that knows how to touch your soul with the same passion that they grace your body with.
Fingers that linger just a bit longer on all your scars, and find them beautiful
The ones that speak in a way that flows through your veins like poetry.
A love you desire.  A love that you crave. 
For those who will share their heartbeat with the heartbroken.
The Explorer of your entirety.

The Past.

It’s a story in your book that can never be rewritten.  But there are so many pages in your novel that have yet to be filled. You can only continue your story if you let go of your last chapters, relationships and hardships. They define you but don’t define the life ahead. Breathe.  Burn the pages and continue on. Create history,  instead of living in it.

empty soul syndrome

I woke this morning to find myself feeling incomplete.
Like part of myself had suddenly flown away while I was resting my eyes.
I saw you in a dream I had, perfection mortalized.
Your hands graced my skin with the feeling of warmth. The kind of heat you feel deep down into your soul.
Then I awoke, to an empty bed, and an empty heart.
You visit my dreams more often then my sheets,  but I held on so dearly to the parts of your soul that bled into mine.
Forever and always.  Always and forever.  A promise
An oath
A past, present and future that seems so much further away
There’s a different meaning of love to me.
The definition you inscribed on my skin
To have and to hold meant to leave and to stay
You and I became you and them.
our hands entangled together, a squeeze for good measure.
A nightmare, a dream and everything in between.

Selfishness Is The New Sexy

What pumps through your veins?

Is it the whiskey that still lingers on your breath?
Or the perfect shade of rouge, smeared across your teeth?
How are you so “perfect” with your tainted cells passing through you.
A model of mayhem that everyone seems to hold so dear.
You look for answers at the bottom of a bottle,
I look at the bottom of a pen.
I’ve been told that beauty comes from within. But there you are beautifully brimming with toxicity
purity is tasteless these days in the world that we live in.